Legal advice

Our services

Protect yourself before unpleasant surprises occur. We advise you on legal matters and guide you through the jungle of paragraphs so that you can concentrate fully on your business. We draw up new contracts or review existing ones. In addition to contract law, we advise you on corporate law, debt enforcement and bankruptcy law, tax law, property and inheritance law, as well as pension planning.

Contract law

We draft, review contracts and assist you with issues related to contract law.

Company law

We advise you on social issues:

Which legal form is suitable?
How are individual companies organized?
How is the relationship between the shareholders regulated?

Debt Collection & Bankruptcy (SchKG)

In order to be able to react correctly and quickly in the case of defaulting debtors, we provide you with uncomplicated assistance. For the first time, the question arises whether debt collection is worthwhile at all.

Tax law

We advise you on procedural issues with tax authorities (cantonal, municipal or federal). We support you in the tax procedure in the event of objections or appeals and negotiate with the tax offices so that you have planning security for your tax expenses.