A peaceful agreement

We are convinced: Life is too short to argue.

Our entire activity is characterized by a solution-oriented, empathic and pragmatic way of working. How do I find a peaceful solution without lawyers in private and business conflict situations?

How can escalation be avoided?

The solution is called mediation. Mediation is a legally recognized way of resolving conflicts. According to the Swiss Code of Civil Procedure, mediation is a legally established procedure (Art. 213 to 218 ZPO). A court-approved mediation agreement has the effect of a legally binding decision.

  • Are you currently in conflict - for example, in a relationship, a tenancy, with a neighbor, heir, or at work?
  • Would you like to settle out of court with the other party to the conflict?
  • Do you want to avoid high legal fees as well as lengthy and grueling litigation?

Mediation promises sustainable success because the parties to the conflict have worked out the solution together. The goal is a binding and acceptable agreement for all parties. Facts are analyzed neutrally. The mediator, as a neutral third party with appropriate training and without the ability to decide on the content, supports the parties by providing the structure and accompanying the process, but is neither a counselor nor a therapist. We advise you and, if necessary, conduct mediations for a peaceful resolution of the conflict.