- I work with the accounting software "Bexio" / "Klara" / "Banana" - can you also help here?

- I recently got married. How does this affect my tax return?

- I have inherited a large amount of money this year. What do I have to pay tax on?

- What documents do I need to submit for the tax return?
Checklist tax documents (PDF)

- For which cantons do you handle the processing of tax returns?

- How can I submit my documents?
Submit your documents to us easily, securely, and digitized. With the Snap Share app, you can quickly digitize and submit your documents.

- How long does it take to process my tax return?

- I would like to pay as little tax as possible. What do you advise me to do?
Contact us to set up an individual tax planning as a private person or company. For an optimal tax burden you need a forward-looking and individual planning. Contact us in good time (in the summer? possibly specify) in order to analyze the current year from a tax-technical point of view. The specifications for taxes and duties are often adjusted annually. Therefore it is important to consult tax experts. This will save you time, nerves and money.

- I am planning to start my own business. How can you support me?
We will be happy to advise you on the appropriate form of company and take care of taxes, insurance and banking transactions. So that you can concentrate fully on starting your business!

- I am in a conflict and would like to avoid high legal fees and a lengthy court case. What can I do?
The solution is called mediation. Mediation is a legally recognized way of conflict resolution and has the effect of a legally binding decision. We advise you and, if necessary, carry out mediation to achieve a peaceful settlement.

- How much do your offers cost?
Every person and every situation is different. That is why our offer is individually tailored to you. Please contact us for a non-binding offer.


- The documents I need to submit for banking, legal advice and taxes are confidential and intimate. How do you make sure my data is secure - analog and digital?