• Retirement: How to plan your early retirement properly
  • Private matters at the workplace: How much is allowed?
  • Shareholder agreement: Preventing unpleasant surprises
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  • UP|DATE December 2022

    • Revision of stock corporation law: liability risks for board members increase
    • Retirement provision: the overall view is decisive
    • Home office: Guard rails for proper leadership
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  • UP|DATE September 2022

    • Inheritance law: What changes?
    • Value added tax: Good news for associations
    • Trial period: Getting to know each other, but the right way
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    • Swiss Data Protection Act: Worth knowing
    • Labor law: Overtime or overtime?
    • Staff leasing: What must be observed?
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    • Revised Stock Corporation Law: What You Need to Know as a Board Member
    • Photovoltaics: Tax issues as a sticking point
    • Employee appraisal: effective management, individual development
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